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Anaiyah started drawing, coloring, and painting from a very young age. She became fascinated with anime and started to direct her creative side toward designing her own characters.

Her father encouraged her and together they started a business creating pins from her characters. At age 7, Anaiyah became a young entrepreneur.

Her Jaydah (Grandmother) then decided to assist them both by taking things to the next level to develop the ANAIYAH's CREATIONS brand. With the assistance of her mom as well, her business has been established and launched. Anaiyah receives support from all of her family who quickly recognized her unique abilities and offer her a strong support system.

Take A Look At My Works

Here are a few of my drawings and paintings. I will have more to show and update this section from time to time. Enjoy!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site 🙂

Love Your Jaydah!

You ABSOLUTELY amaze me since the day you were born! So smart and immensely talented! I tell you all the time that there is something so special about you. You are so blessed. You are going to do great things in this world. Keep up the great work and keep focused. I love your determination! Jaydah loves di baby nice 🙂

Love G-pa Ricky

YOU ROCK! Love your drawings!

Love Mommy

Your talent and creativity amazes me everyday. I’m so proud to be your mom! I love you to the moon and back!

Love Auntie Koreyah

Anaiyah, you’re are such an amazing artist and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! I know we will see your artwork in galleries everywhere! I love you and am soooo proud!

Your Number One Fan Mimi

To my tiny love Anaiyah You’re strong and determine when it comes to drawing your hand skills make it look so easy , your tutorials are amazing. Follow your heart, follow your dreams and reach to the stars. Love you to the moon and back and then some.

Love Titi Sam

Dear Nai, you are a sweet little Angel. You are funny, kind, caring, and very talented. I love when you hand draw me pictures of my favorite Pokémon. Your artistic skills are very unique and I know you will continue to amaze us as you continue to grow. I love you!

Love You Daddy

You continue to make me proud and continue to draw how you see the world in front of you.PS - You can now play Roblox

Love Auntie Koreyah

Anaiyah, you’re are such an amazing artist and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! I know we will see your artwork in galleries everywhere! I love you and am soooo proud!

Love Jeepah Eldie

You are super talented and humble and I hope you remain humble. In life its not who is the winner but who is always striving to do better and better. I see you always doing better and better. You are very talented so keep on that positive track. Yes I!

Love Your Godfather Danny

        I am glad that you have found art as something that you are passionate about! You are a very good artist and I enjoy seeing how you continue to advance your skills. I will always be here to support you in anything you need.

Love Your Godfather's Wife aka Vanessa 🥰

I love how you always have something art related in your hands! A sketch pencil, paint brush, or that sketch book.... Your imagination is always flowing and it shows in your art! Your beautiful talents have caught the eyes of those who look up to you! Keep designing! Keep imagining! Keep creating! I enjoy shopping the art isle for you, and will continue to do so FOREVER💕
I Love You More,

Love Aunt Donna💕🦋

You are so talented in everything you do … I’m so excited to see your future projects I love your creativity, especially with your drawings their so detailed Keep up the Amazing work!

Love Uncle Larry

You’re doing such great work! You are very talented! Follow your dreams you got this! 

Love Xoxo, Ariyah❤

Hi Anaiyah!
I just wanted to say that I’m very proud of you of all your hard work. Keep it up you got this and also remember to have fun!

I love you Kristal

I am so proud to call you my Goddaughter. You are beautiful inside and out. Your artwork is more than impressive and always amazes me. I'm so excited to see you flourish in life!

Love ❤ Aunt Shelly

Way to go Girlie❤!!!!
I love your drawings. You are a very talented artist 🎨. I'm very excited to see what you are creating now and in the future . Maybe you will study Manga in Japan some day.

Hi! I'm Anaiyah!

I love drawing, painting and anime!

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